Thursday, January 7, 2016

Updating, Updating and more Updating.

Okay so now I am updating my blog. I have my Author's site 'done'. Took a stab at Word Press 'Confusing'. My personal site, Well still needs work. So here I am at my blog. I changed my books section around some. Checked all my links to make sure they all worked. Nothing is worse than going to a site and finding a dead link. As a matter of fact I had a few that didn't work so I had to investigate 'Why'. So now they are all fixed, including where I had those links elsewhere. So now that that is all done, I need to get back and do some editing. My book releases are why behind schedule. I did have an editor and then she started getting more and more clients. All the sudden she started having problems with her editing programs or whatever she used, but only with my book. So after a month or so I told her to forget it. Don't get me wrong she was great, until she started getting more clients. So here I am back to editing myself. It's hard to edit your own work, you know what you mean and what it's supposed to say, so you miss all those annoying mistakes. Like, to- too or your-you're, has -had, passed-past stuff like that. Sounds good but wrong! Anyway that's what's going on.